Extra models, effects and stuff

In return for donations, we're able to make some ingame content available just for our supporters. Any bonusses may be obtained by anyone, anytime. All you have to do is support our project with a donation. Notice that every bonus is visible or audiable for everyone - not just you. Also check Frequently asked questions for more answers. Each donation also will make your nick appear on game start:

Any of those may be obtained by anyone and visible to every player ingame. All you have to do is support our project with a donation and tell us which model you'd like to have (via an e-mail request).

Bonuses are bound to nickname, therefore you have to tell us your ingame nickname in order to activate any bonus. Note that we can't provide anything for players with non-latin symbols in their nickname. Your ingame name withing Warcraft 3 game must be completely out of readable symbols. Visit this page to see if your nickname is allowed.

Global bonuses

Hero-specific bonuses


Obtaining existing models doesn't require to update the map, so you'll have it as soon as possible. Just make sure that you can access this page you're currently looking at (if access to this page is somehow blocked, the map can't access it either).


Juggernaut spinning


The higher your donation, the better bonuses you can count on, even on ones we might add in the future. More bonusses are in development.






Donate via StreamLabs or Donate via DonationAlerts

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Frequently Asked Questions about bonuses

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Open for suggestions

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Please do discuss and debate with us over any aspect of the map!

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