Features: Fixes


  • Every hero now has a glowing effect.
  • Fixed attack and armor sounds for a couple of heroes.
  • Fixed differences between hero naming on picking and repicking.
  • Suicides no longer grant gold and experience to the enemies around.
  • Allies can now see the imespan of Observer & Sentry Wards
  • Gold earned for assists is now shown at the kill string (in the brackets).
  • Trees now individually regrow 5 minutes after they were destroyed, instead of trees globally regrowing every 5 minutes.
  • Heroes under the effect of Hex or hidden from the map now receive experience normally.
  • Fixed a bug with very limited sight range in case of fast respawn (under 5 seconds) or Reincarnation.
  • Player nicknames no longer affect the coloring of kill strings.
  • Trees no longer affect the flying height of projectiles and/or abilities (Elune's Arrow, Meat Hook, etc.)
  • Flying units (Batrider, Wyvern) now correctly iteract with items and abilities.
  • Damage amplification (e.g. Soul Catcher) now show red numbers overhead, displaying exact bonus damage received.
  • Every illusion and summon now automatically adds to the current selected group (to disable or enable this option use chat commands -es/-ds).
  • Fixed a bug with leaver heroes where items became untouchable (if the leaver used -disablehelp)
  • Every healing item in the game now provides smooth healing, effectively healing the same amount of HP as before and over the same duration, but with shorter intervals.

Heroes and abilities:

  • All sources of "paused" unit state were removed, as this method is outdated and buggy.
  • All sources of Bloodlust were recoded and now stack correctly.
  • Enchanted units (Chen, Enchantress) now have collision model.
  • Abilities with charges now display the amount of charges left.
  • Fixed a bug with ability effects lasting even after the death.
  • Hookshot and Ensnare are no longer restricted if you're in Ethereal state.
  • Lone Druid, Troll and Medusa now respawn in the same form they were before dying.
  • Soul and Int projectiles of the SF and the Silenser were increased to instant.
  • Overpower and Focus Fire now have 500 IAS cap instead of 400 IAS.
  • Fixed multiboard cooldown timer issue with Alchemist, Lycanthrope, Dragon Knight and Undying.
  • Fixed messy interactions between Nether Ward and Unrefined Fireblast, Ball Lightning, Chakram, Voodoo Restoration, Pulse Nova and Morph abilities.
  • Fixed bugged interaction between -disablehelp and Force Staff, Recall, Snowball, Supernova, Toss and X Marks the Spot (these abilities no longer affect the target with -disablehelp).
  • All Purge sources fixed:
    • Removes Positive buffs when casted on the enemy and negative effects when casted on the ally (Dota 2);
    • Removes Dust of appearance if used by ally;
    • Still removes some hardcoded debuffs (like Hex) from any target, no matter if ally or enemy.

Shops and couriers:

  • Shop cooldowns reduced from 1s to 0.1s.
  • Side shops and secret shops no longer provide bonus vision.
  • Side shops now have hotkeys for every item. Altered hotkeys for: Broadsword, Stout Shield, Blades of Attack & Magic Stick.
  • If the courier drops any of your items on the ground outside of the fountain, you'll be notified about it.
  • Circle of Power now has a "Where's Courier" button, which pings the courier's location or death point.


  • Items can now be dropped while the cooldown is still running (with a few exceptions).
  • Buying items puts  them into the Circle of Power, unless better targets exists nearby (hero, courier)
  • Toggling Radiance, Power Tread, Monkey King Bar, Ring of Basilius and Ring of Aquila no longer interrupts the hero.
  • You can't double click Scroll of Teleportation or Boots of Travel while standing at the fountain area. You still can do that manually if really needed.


  • Increased model sizes of every rune.
  • First Bounty Rune: now gives proper amount of gold and experience even if taken in the bottle.
  • Fixed bugs when Illusion or Regeneration runes didn't work if the caster was invulnerable.
  • Double Damage rune no longer dispells with Spell Immunity.
  • Double Damage rune now adapts to the current damage of the hero.
  • Haste rune now provides 1000% bonus movespeed instead of 100% (Hex no longer slows the hero with Haste effect).


  • Auras no longer have visual effects
  • Fixed a bug with itemchests being visible for a second when the fog of war disappears.
  • Buyback penalty now has a debuff on heroes that are affected by the buyback gold penalty.


  • Roshan respawning is no longer visible on the minimap.
  • Roshan no longer dies instantly when affected by some abilities.
  • Roshan now has a real Linken's Sphere.


  • Fixed the very small parameters of creeps.
  • Creeps no longer stand still forever if they're stopped with spells (Sprout / Power Cogs / Toss).


  • Neutrals no longer sleep at night.
  • Satir Trickster's manapool increased from 400 to 500.
  • Neutrals now always look at the exit of their camp instead of the east side.
  • Neutrals with manapool now have full mana when they spawn.
  • Bonus damage aura from Alpha Wolf now stacks with Command Aura.
  • Ogre's Frost Armor can now be used on spell immune allies (same for Frost Armor acquired through Doom's Devour).
  • Increased attack range of some neutrals:
    • Dark Troll - to 500;
    • Harpy Storm - to 450;
    • Gnoll Assassin - to 500;
    • Troll Berserker - to 500;
    • Troll High Priest - to 600;
    • Dark Troll Warlord - to 400.


  • Black Dragon model size has been reduced.
  • Increased turn rate of Black Drake and Black Dragon from 0.1 to 1.0.
  • Ancient Lizard no longer casts Stomp automatically.
  • Ancient Granite Golem now grants HP bonus aura.


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