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6.84 changes


Goblin Techies

  • Added Minefield Aghanim sign
  • Minefield Sign cooldown from 120 to 300
  • Minefield Sign now requires Techies to walk precisely to the targeted spot
  • Minefield Sign now has an area of effect targeting cursor
  • Minefield Sign now has a limited lifetime of 180 seconds
  • Techies Aghanim's Scepter upgrade now causes the Minefield Sign to make all Land Mines, Stasis Traps and Remote Mines within 125 area of effect immune to True Sight. Can only have one sign out at a time



  • Tango Has a 450 cast range when targeting Wards


Quelling Blade and Battlefury

  • Chop active ability range increased from 350 to 450 when targeting wards

Balance changes

Pit Lord

Pit Lord

Since there are no way he will be rebalanced any soon we have to make a step to get him out of bottom tier.
  • Dark Rift cooldown from 130 to 130/110/90
  • Firestorm rebalanced:
    • wave damage from 25/40/55/70 to 40/50/60/70
    • DPS from 5/10/15/20 to 10/20/30/40
    • manacost from 100/110/120/130 to 80/95/110/125
    • cooldown from 14 to 30/25/20/15

    DotA Allstars features

  • Experimental control disabling for Winter Curse and Berserkers Call
  • Roshan no longer affected by bonus HP aura from Golem
  • Shop cooldowns reduced from 1 to 0.1
  • -terrain command enabled. This is experimental command, so use it at your risk.
  • -terrain default to get back to original layout;
  • -terrain snow
  • -terrain city1
  • -terrain city2
  • -terrain jungle
  • -terrain highlands
  • -terrain reddungeon
  • -terrain bluedungeon


  • Added sounds for Blood rite
  • Frostmourne buff and debuff can now be purged
  • Ball lightning no longer allows to do instant backflips


  • Added support for Phantom Assassin's Coup de Grace under Phase boots effect
  • Added third side line shop to hold Mantle of intelligence and Planeswalker Cloak
  • Alchemist's Aghanim share now provides raw attributes instead of green
  • Double Damage now stacks with Enchant totem
  • Double Damage rune no longer being dispelled on Magic Immunity and works for all controlled heroes in 500 AoE (that means Meepo can benefit from it only if stands nearby primary)
  • Double Damage rune now grants damage based on current damage instead of damage hero had on picking up
  • Fixed ancients being unaffected by Vladmir's lifesteal
  • Lotus now supports Toss, Unstable concoction, Charge of darkness, Nether strike, Fortune's End
  • Removed old Bloodstone recipe (via Perseverance)
  • Scroll of Teleportation now shows arrival timer overhead (visible for allies)
  • Scroll of teleportation, Boots of travel and upgraded: when double-clicked at fountain area will not start channeling. You can only manually target fountain if you want to.
  • Shackles, Dismember and Fiend's Grip no longer affect Lotus Orb'ed target but don't get reflected back

DotA Allstars bug fixes

  • Abaddon's Borrowed Time visuals fixed
  • Fixed abuse with Broodmother
  • Fixed Meepo attribute bonus bug
  • Fixed Nerubian Assassin Aghanim affects his attack properties
  • Fixed Quelling blade and Battlefury bonus damage being missing
  • Fixed some bugs with Break
  • Fixed various tooltips
  • Fixed Spell Steal stealing Eject
  • Removed tree which prevented ward stop from being useful
  • Added Cooldown Reduction support for Crippling Fear

Original DotA bug fixes


  • Earthbind can now be purged
  • Fixed Time lapse doesn't remove Sticky Napalm stacks
  • Fixed Ancient Seal damage amplify being undispellable
  • Fixed Cyclones didn't counted as purge ability
  • Fixed few issues with Purge
  • Jinada's slow can now be dispelled


  • All heroes now have glow
  • Black hole no longer ignores ancients
  • Charge of Darkness and Shukuchi no longer ignores ancients
  • Doppelganger now dispell most debuffs from Phantom Lancer
  • Eye of the Storm no longer attacks invulnerable targets
  • Eye of the Storm no longer cause unit to forgot given orders
  • Fixed bug with Spirit Bear illusions
  • Fixed Dark pact minor issue
  • Fixed Poison touch counted as stun
  • Fixed Pulse nova can be disabled while silenced
  • Fixed Spell Steal stealing Tango
  • Fixed The Swarm visuals
  • Improved Shadowrazes and Requiem of souls perfomance
  • Persuaded/Enchanted/Dominated units now can bodyblock other units
  • Sand King' Epicenter first pulse now goes off with 0.35s delay, so no longer wasting first pulse with Dagger
  • Slark's backswing animation removed
  • Templar Assassin's Psi blade spill damage type from pure to physical, armor penetrating
  • Track and Amplify damage now stacks
  • Unrefined Fireblast, Ball Lightning, Chakram, Voodoo restoration, Pulse Nova, Morph now correctly affected by Nether Ward
  • Weave now stack with itself and less laggy


  • Armlet no longer affects couriers
  • Bloodstone can now be sold and dropped
  • Eul can no longer target magic immune enemies
  • Force Staff can no longer target Disable help units
  • Force Staff can no longer target Roshan
  • Force Staff can now target magic immune allies
  • Hand of Midas can no longer target Necronomicon warriors
  • Headdress aura now affects ancients
  • Janggo and Diffusal Blades sell cost no longer affected by charges and always equal to max charges
  • Linkens Sphere can no longer target illusions
  • Mango can now target magic immune allies
  • Manta Style illusions no longer dies on form switch of Terrorblade or Troll
  • Mjollnir can now target magic immune allies
  • Shiva's blast perfomance slightly improved
  • Tango can no longer target ally wards (doing nothing)
  • Tango can no longer target enemies (dropping Tango for them)
  • Tango can no longer target unit with no empty slots
  • Trees now respawns 5 mins after death instead of every 5 mins
  • Urn of shadows can no longer target magic immune enemies
  • Usage of Lotus Orb, Force Staff, Shadow Amulet, Glimmer Cape, Rod of Atos, Mjollnir, Halberd, Satanic no longer override all previously given orders
  • Wards can no longer target unpathable terrain, Roshan Pit and fountain areas

Thanks for everyone who reported these things

The End


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