Dota v 85 alpha 1 –°hangelog


  • Fixed Reincarnation cannot trigger when unit stands on unpathable terrain
  • Fixed Gem or Divine Rapier disappears if bearer dies on unpathable terrain
  • Lone Druid, Troll and Medusa now ressurects in the form they died
  • Hero glows improved
  • Roshan now has full Linken's Sphere effect (blocks spells as normal Linken's Sphere)
  • Fixed Glyph affecting player's structures
  • Fixed creep aggroing issues
  • Fixed some abilities dispelling heal effects even if they shouldn't
  • Observer will see gold bounty for unit kill instead of $ sign
  • Circle of Power now has ability Sell item, which can be used on items in Circle's inventory only. Selling items this way won't give you full item's cost even if it was the last you bought.
  • Chakram, Stampede, Freezing Field, Overload, Ball Lightning, Troll's Axes, Powershot, Firefly, Ion Shell, Timewalk slow, Pit of Malice, Infernal's Immolation and Flaming Fist, Epicenter, Ice Blast explosion, Sun Ray, Thunder strike, Ice Shards, Telekinezis, Flame Guard, Fire Remnant, Gust, all Earth Spirit skills no longer ignores Ancient units


  • Fixed Harpy Storm, Gnoll Assassin, Enraged Wildkin, Enraged Wildkin abilities descriptions
  • Neutral Frost Armor can now be applied to spell immune targets (same for Doom)
  • Fixed Neutral's purge damaging summons


Arc Warden

  • Double Tempest clone no longer drains experience


  • Fixed Flaming Lasso duration being incorrect with Aghanim
  • Firefly won't be active if Batrider dies and respawns while it still works
  • Sticky Napalm now shows stack number overhead illusions as well


  • Fixed Double Edge incorrect damage

Bounty Hunter

  • Track now display target's gold in scoreboard as normal allies
  • Fixed Track being dispelled too soon when target dies


  • Fixed Bristleback's Quill Spray damage could drop to negative numbers, affecting actual damage dealt


  • Fixed side cog requires 1 more hit than usual

Dark Seer

  • Ion Shell can now be casted on magic immune units
  • Surge no longer based on Bloodlust
  • Surge no longer has autocast


  • Weave now affects illusions as well


  • Eidolons now added to selection as any other summon


  • Fixed Divided we Stand iteraction with Aghanim upgrade
  • Fixed Meepo iteraction with Boots and other items
  • Meepo Clone now automatically being added to selection as a summon

Goblin Shredder

  • Fixed Chakram iteraction with Rubick


  • Fixed Tornado malfunction with Aghanim and level 7 Wex
  • Fixed Aghanim didn't allow to use Deafening Blast unless all elements hit level 6
  • Chat command -invokerlist now supports Aghanim data


  • Liquid Fire can now target ancients
  • Dual Breath perfomance improved
  • Dual Breath slow now independant from other frost slow sources and adjusted from 30% MS and 20 AS to 28/32/36/40 both

Keeper of the Light

  • Fixed Blinding Light could be stacked after death
  • Fixed model scale after respawn with Aghanim
  • Fixed Recall could be used to transfer Assimilate dummy
  • Spirit Form now supports cooldown reduction
  • Improved Spirit Form tooltip
  • Illuminate will no longer fail when casted next to cliffs
  • Illuminate now starts from Ezalor position rather than from cast position


  • Fixed Infest and Centaur/Wildkin iteraction

Lone Druid

  • Spirit Bear now added to selection on summoning


  • Fixed Empower missing cast icon


  • Reaper's Scythe buyback disabling now affects buyback icon

Obsidian Destroyer

  • Astral Imprisonment now shows the duration of imprisonment, visible only for allies of caster
  • Sanity's Eclipse now affects illusions


  • Fixed Fate's Edict didn't disarm the target


  • Wrath of Nature can now target Ancients


  • Dismember now provides detection over the target

Shadow Shaman

  • Shackles now provides detection over the target

Slithereen Guard

  • Fixed Sprint iteraction with Lothar's Edge and Silver Edge

Skeleton King

  • Fixed Skeleton King's Aghanim didn't provided Ghost state for himself

Storm Spirit

  • Overload now triggers when attack lands and Storm has a charge (it may trigger only if attack starts with Overload buff before)
  • Overload buff now visible for enemies


  • Fixed Storm Bolt targets being random

Templar Assassin

  • "Use nearest trap" skill icon moved to the right so it won't be pushed by Refraction charges indicator


  • Fixed Metamorphosis illusion morph behaviour


  • Release Snowball ability no longer can be disabled by silence
  • Fixed Snowball could pick non-movable units inside
  • Snowball no longer restricts using of other abilities for the caster


  • Tombstone no longer counted as building and has visible timed life indicator


  • Plague Wards now added to selection as any other summon
  • Poison Sting damage now DHR, reducable by magic resistance, and won't be considered as real damage for all on-damage events (won't dispell healing effects, won't disable Kelen's Dagger etc)
  • Poison Sting now provides damage immediately rather than second later


  • Grave Chill no longer based on Bloodlust


  • Tether now supports cooldown reduction



  • Aegis now provides 1800/800 vision while owner reincarnating


  • Fixed Bloodstone didn't heal allies if owner dies
  • Fixed Illusion rune didn't spawn illusions if bearer was invulnerable

Shadow Amulte

  • Shadow Amulet will no longer break channeling of the target unit

Lotus Orb

  • Fixed Lotus Orb duration not being updated

Tranquil Boots

  • Fixed tooltip of Tranquil Boots

Octarine Core

  • Fixed Metamorphoses back-transformation cause Octarine Core reduce cooldown by 50%

Glimmer Cape

  • Fixed Glimmer cape malfunction caused by innate dispell

Diffusal Blade

  • Diffusal Blade no longer undroppable when used

Janggo of Endurace

  • Fixed Empty Janggo selling for no gold


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