Dota v 85f –°hangelog


  • Bottom Sentinel's neutral spawn box reduced a bit and no longer can be blocked by units on the highground
  • Circles of Power now correctly autoselects if -sp mode used
  • You, allies and observers can now see how many gold has been lost upon death
  • Fixed some skills cause summoned units to suicide instead of killing them (suicide causes loss of gold/exp)
  • Added experimental control disabling for Axe, Legion and Winter Wyvern
  • Forced attack spells now has priority - Winter's Curse > Duel > Berserker's Call
  • Fixed Fountains cannot attack buildings like Tombstone
  • Fixed Break removing only first level of Dragon Blood
  • Added cooldown reduction support for Decay (agh), Ghost Walk, Call of the Wild (boar), Dragon Tail, Enchant Remnant, Assimilate, Test of Faith (allied), Holy Persuation (agh), Minefield sign, Battle Cry
  • You can no longer buy items from the Secret Shop while having no inventory slots available - gold will be refunded instead of dropping item on the ground
  • Improved visuals for Shadow Wave, Omnislash, Shrapnel, Acid Spray (targets)
  • Added New Year stuff
  • Fixed Fog of War appearing if -rs mode used
  • Fixed some modes making some areas untargetable for blinking
  • Fixed -r didn't reset ultimate timer
  • Fixed Roshan obtains armor bonus twice faster than should
  • Fixed Roshan upgrades gave 12 damage instead of 10
  • Fixed Roshan upgrades happened every 5th minute instead of every 4th


Crystal Maiden

  • Fixed Frostbite dealing physical damage instead of magical
  • Fixed Frostbite ignores Linken's Sphere
  • Fixed Freezing Field iteraction with Linken's Sphere
  • Freezing Field perfomance improved slightly


  • Fixed Echo slam had no effect on fogged units
  • Added FX for Echo Slam


  • Fixed Meepo clones iteraction with Wraith State and Aegis
  • Fixed Meepo permanently dies if clone killed while holding Aghanim


  • Fixed Homing Missile could deal damage multiple times


  • If Infested creep being re-dominated Lifestealer will keep vision over it

Lone Druid

  • Spirit Bear can now use Tranquil boots bonuses normally instead of always wearing broken version
  • Fixed Spirit Bear keeping Heart of Tarrasque and Tranquil Boots even if damaged
  • Fixed Lone Druid's Battle Cry could be abused with morphing into the Bear and back


  • Fixed summon Wolves iteraction with cooldown reduction


  • Improved Mana Flare visual lighting behaviour

Obsidian Destroyer

  • Astral Imprisonment no longer prevents unit from reincarnating

Ogre Magi

  • Fixed Multicast malfunction with Ignite

Shadow Demon

  • Disruption no longer prevents unit from reincarnating

Shadow Shaman

  • Fixed Rhasta's Shackles had incorrect cooldown for cooldown reduction system


  • Silencer's Int Steal icon can now be pressed to show stolen Int amount


  • Fixed Shrapnel used to dispell healing effects while being level 1 (<20 damage) thanks to initial visual effect


  • Ancients are now valid targets for Charge of Darkness's AoE bash
  • Charge of Darkness no longer being wasted if started under the effect of entangle or ensnare

Storm Spirit

  • Storm will now be re-selected for everyone who selected him before Ball Lightning instead of only the caster
  • Ball Lightning now shows damage over damaged heroes


  • Fixed Gush being physical damage instead of magical


  • Fixed Tiny's Aghanim in Deathmatch causes slow aura to exists even when another hero taken

Troll Warlord

  • Battle Trance now affects illusions as well
  • Whirling Axes (melee) now stops if Troll Warlord dies (axes disappears)


  • Snowball now removes collision size from Tuskarr while channeling
  • Ice Shards now wider on the exit


  • Fixed Nethertoxin counts illusions as non-heroes


  • Fixed Shackleshot latch angles being incorrect since 6.69
  • Shackleshot no longer being wasted if the initial target dies
  • Fixed Shackleshot visuals disappears bit earlier than stun time pass


  • Fixed Tether didn't grant bonus movespeed



  • Activated Armlet will be deactivated on respawn

Diffusal Blade

  • Added FX for Diffusal Blade when applied on allies

Heart of Tarrasque

  • Heart of Tarrasque now has buff
  • Fixed Heart of Tarrasque regeneration being removed with 2-4 seconds delay

Lotus Orb

  • Fixed Lotus Orb reflecting upgraded Omnislash alwasy deals only 3 hits

Observer Wards

  • Fixed observer wards gave 25 xp instead of 50
  • Removed item-targetability from Sentry and Observer Wards

Quelling Blade

  • Fixed Quelling Blade bonus damage affecting wards and illusions


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