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Make your choice and play the DotA we know and love. Leave the buggy, messy and outdated map by IceFrog behind.

High quality standards

DotA Allstars follows it's successor DotA2 in every little detail

Every change from DotA2 has has been ported to DotA Allstars, without losing any part of it's functionality. IceFrog didn't bother to port every little change correctly, we did.

No bugs & no issues

Clear & elegant

Less irritating & more enjoyable to play.



In order to play safely and comfortable on the newest (88+) patches, please consider downloading our map from trusted sources only. This site is the only official place so far.


DotA Allstars - an upgraded and updated version of the original Warcraft 3 DotA. That's not a secret - IceFrog has been busy with DotA2 and Valve for many years now, he doesn't care about Warcraft 3 at all. Of course, we do understand his motivation to focus on Dota2. But why should we be forced to play without any updates for years? So we thought: nobody can do it better than yourself, right? So we did it. Better. Cleaner. More powerful and gorgeous than ever. And most of the time we're strictly following DotaA 2 - the game with almost 8.000.000 monthly players. To ensure difference between IceFrog's original creation and our own branch we called it "Allstars", like DotA was originally named years ago. DotA Allstars features a compilation of tweaks and changes, which rejuvenates WC3's engine and DotA's mechanics.


We were in contact with IceFrog for a long time, back when WC3 was still important to him. But since then he went off the radars, vanished. IceFrog made it clear - he doesn't need any kind of help. And - since it's about the same answer as "go develop yourself", I did.


DracoL1ch - main programmer, screenwriter and project Founder. Maybe you heard about his project Legends of Dota (ex-OMG DotA), which also has a successor - Ability Draft (DotA2).

Santy Keller \ Loki \ MySecondDay - modeller, artist and project co-founder. He kept DotA Promode alive for a long time since Unexpect3D left. When it comes to models, he's always nearby.

RokKnyaz - the best tester, as well as active DotA2 player, which helped to locate tons of issues before they were even released.

Abso - DLL developer. Thanks to his work, a lot of incredible things became real.

Mortrus - active tester, managed to create -hud command.

bloor \ pastmistake - soon.

Community - loyal players, who actively test and promote DotA Allstars on different platforms. Zloy_xex and LeTruck - the most eminent of those who helped to pull the project to the world. We wouldn't finish it without your and everyone else's help.

Special thanks goes to Kuarinofu aka  Nobody knows my movies.

Exceptional mention for, the best designer I've known, for help in days of the past and for his help on this project.

We appreciate all Warcraft 3 modelmakers and artists who keep filling the stashes with new resourcs for this wonderful game.


Because we can. Because we enjoy development almost as much as playing. And it's always fun to try to overcome Warcraft's (and IceFrog's as well) limits. Aaaaand because we're crazy russians.


Official guide


Feel free to ask, discuss or complain about DotA Allstars or anything DotA-related on our forum.

Open for suggestions

You have an idea that you think should be implemented in DotA Allstars? Share it with us!


Please do discuss and debate with us over any aspect of the map!

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