Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will IceFrog continue to code the WC3 maps?

No idea. DracoL1ch has no connection with IceFrog since 2015. Whatever he does, he doesn't say a word about it.

Remember pre-6.81 patches - DotA was first developed on the Warcraft 3 versions - every new patch went to WC3 first, then to DotA2. This changed with 6.82, where there were introduced a few unique things which have been hard to do on the old engine. Since then WC3 became a second position with big disadvantages. Even if IceFrog will continue to make maps for WC3, you'll have to wait for it forever, without any updates on it.

IceFrog won't drop WC3 officially. That would allow for people like me to improve DotA on WC3 and keep players on WC3. For now, this lack of news and silence from IceFrog provokes people that enjoy WC3 DotA. They switch to DotA2, because WC3 started to become boring, because it's stuck at a single, old and outdated version. And we are fixing this problem right now, we are trying to make the game fun again, on your favorite platform.

  • Should you really follow DotA2 path? Maybe you should take another way?

Think of this - DotA2 is how the game is supposed to look and feel. You've been guided by IceFrog for years. Every patch was a cry-fest - of course, people are lazy and don't want to learn or understand new rules. But this is the only way to keep the game interesting over a long time. So, you've been following IceFrog so far and now somehow we've got better acknowledgement of the game than him?

Taking our own path won't necessarily be succesful. While DotA2 has live updates and real time tracking of every single player of the ~100.000 DotA2 players, WC3 does not allow you to understand anything about how good changes are. Developing something new requires insight, massive feedback - and that's impossible within the given time. DotA2 addicts players in no time, and Warcraft 3 cannot compete with it.

Overall, IceFrog makes DotA2 the same thing he would do with DotA 1, if he was still independent (if VALVE didn't emply him). There are no reason not to follow these changes.

  • But DotA2 is different! X is bad, Y is overpowered, and Z totally sucks!

Sure, you can have your personal opinion about the balance of DotA. But there are a million more players who already play this game and, according to statistics, the crowd is getting bigger everyday. You can rely on "flies do not always pick a gem", but it won't make any difference. You can as well play 6.48 for the same reason.

  • DotA2 is totally different, change X shouldn't exist for DotA1 at all!!!

Find 10 differences between Dota and Dota2 changelogs? You won't. IceFrog doesn't care about YOUR personal opinion, but he does care about the whole community. Guess what's more likely to expose the best balance?

If you still believe that these two games should not be together, you better leave right here - this project won't make you happy.

  • New modes, AI maps and custom balance modes

First of all - AI maps. Well, that would need rewriting of the entire script from scratch. It's nothing but an insane amount of work for barely any meaningful result with tons of issues. If you really want to see it - do you want to pay for that? Because time is always money.

New modes - they will most likely be implemented in the future. They aren't supposed to be fun, but competitive - ranked games cannot be played on AP for many reasons. Custom balance modes were planned, but there are so many things to do that are more important right now. So, new modes are delayed for an unknown amount of time.

  • Translating maps and changelogs to other languages

Translation only comes with players who are willing to help us with that. We have no time and/or language knowledge to do that. How exactly it will look - no idea. Right now we aim at other targets and cannot focus on translations. As soon as the audience comes, it will be easier to see.

  • I know how to do this better than this!

We are open for any suggestions and/or solid criticism. Use the forum to share your points with us.

About the map itself

  • Map file is too big, can't play in LAN / Map crashes on launch

In order to play 6.88u+ versions at LAN you need to join popular platforms or read the guide about it.

  • My game freezes a bit / feels laggy / less FPS, what can I do?

Check out our Perfomance guide for WC3.

  • Secret shop at the fountain?

Testing purposes. It won't show up in multiplayer game.

  • Camera distance is a hack!

Changing camera distance allows comfortable play distance for any player. Currently you can find dozen of hacks which allow you to move the camera freely. None of them can be detected anyhow - it's just player's perspective. This option puts everybody in the same boat, not to speak of reducing any hack's rarity (most camera hack tools are included in maphack tools).

  • Terrain changes

Terrain has been changed accordingly to Dota2 in every little detail, as close as possible. IceFrog had no such dedication, that's why his versions lack many cool jukespots and vision areas.

  • Altering hotkeys

Note: since 6.88 there are native support of hotkeys via config.dota file. Check it out!

You can change any hotkey with customkeys.txt file (in your Warcraft 3 folder), which has to be activated in the Gameplay options.

How to make hotkeys by youself
  1. Download the file with all possible spell IDs;
  2. name it Customkeys.txt and put into WC3 folder;
  3. run the map;
  4. pick the hero whose keys you'd like to change and look over skill's description for ID;
  5. add data to the Customkeys.txt in WC3 folder using this template

Here you can see specific hotkeys.

Warning - some skills have different indexes for usage and learning or toggling.

  • Inventory binding

WC3 has no inner support of changing NUM# hotkeys. You have to use third-party software for that.

Note: since 6.88 there are native support of hotkeys via config.dota file. Check it out!

  • Changing/adding visuals

You can suggest any decent visual or model to replace or improve current effects. Remember - usually we do not put in useless effects, because it takes precious map space. But if the suggested effect is a real improvement or if it already exists in WC3 itself (no import required) -  Use our forum to make suggestions.

  • Custom gaming platform

We have no resources to create a new platform. You can make an advertisment of this map on your server if they didn't switch yet. You can also look for platforms that use our map from this list.


Feel free to ask, discuss or complain about DotA Allstars or anything DotA-related on our forum.

Open for suggestions

You have an idea that you think should be implemented in DotA Allstars? Share it with us!


Please do discuss and debate with us over any aspect of the map!

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