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DotA Allstars is a completely free project, made on pure enthusiasm. We all have families and regular paid work to do. We do not get paid in any fashion for making this map. If you want to do us a favor, you can help the project by donating, spreading the map, or testing and reporting bugs.

Donate! Support LoD & DotA development!

We do not have any sponsors or official supporters, this project is done completely on our own time without any pay.

If you want to support our movement, if you want to see DotA Allstars being developed continuously, if you want to see it become even better than it's successor Dota2, you can support us directly by donating. Any donation amount is welcome - thank you in advance!


What do I get for donating?

You get ingame bonusses attached to your ingame name! All you need to do is donate 1$ (or more, if you want to receive more bonusses). Make sure to include your ingame name in a message attached to the donation! Thanks for considering a donation!

Overview & Information on ingame bonusses:

For example, for 1$ you receive question mark ? deny.

If you do 5$ you can obtain emoticons set.

Every extra model has it's own price, which can be seen at this page.

Activation may take up to 24 hours, but normally less than 6 hours.

Still have questions regarding that? Visit Frequently Asked Questions!


Donation Methods

Make sure to include your ingame name in the message attached to the donation if you want to receive ingame bonusses! Also include which ingame bonusses you want to have. If you forgot to add a message write an e-mail request. (if you can't open this: right click the link & press "Copy email address")

Please read all this information carefully before donating if you want to receive ingame bonusses! Note that we can't provide anything for players with non-latin symbols in their nickname. Your ingame name in Warcraft 3 must be completely out of readable symbols. Visit this site to see which characters/signs in your name are allowed.

We can't receive RGDs or cryptocurrencies, don't bother asking about that.


Spread the word!

If you are playing at a platform with an old and outdated map, you can point out to the administration that reborn DotA Allstars has new versions of DotA2 ported over, and many helpful new features. It contains all content as it's successor, DotA2 (up to a certain patch). DotA Allstars got rid of most bugs that were in IceFrog's maps. Finally, it updates faster and provides more valuable content. Help us to grow stronger by telling others about the map!

Help us test!

The map is constantly updated, changing many big and small things.. We are taking care about everything, starting from laggy abilities and finishing with user experience. For your knowledge, there are more than 100.000 lines of source code and only a few thousands less text lines. Nobody can test such project on his own. Thats where you can come in by testing and reporting bugs.
Play the map and report discovered bugs. Report issues with any texts or tooltips as well - English isn't our native language, and grammar-nazing will never hurt. You can also test everything on your own, in a single player mode, thanks to the implemented advanced test commands.



Feel free to ask, discuss or complain about DotA Allstars or anything DotA-related on our forum.

Open for suggestions

You have an idea that you think should be implemented in DotA Allstars? Share it with us!


Please do discuss and debate with us over any aspect of the map!

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