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6.84 changes



  • Alchemist can now cast Aghanim's Scepter to directly grant any allied hero all Aghanim's Scepter bonuses as a buff (the hero upgrade and the stat upgrade). The scepter is consumed in the process. Multiple instances of this buff do not stack. Alchemist can target himself as well

Naga Siren

Naga Siren

  • Ensnare now can be dispelled by Purge and custom dispells

Lotus Orb

Lotus Orb

New item formed from Perseverance, Platemail, and a recipe

  • Requires:
    • Perseverance (1750)
    • Platemail (1400)
    • Recipe (900)
    • Total: 4050
  • Provides:
    • +5 HP Regen
    • +125% Mana Regen
    • +10 Damage
    • +10 Armor
  • Can be disassembled
  • Active: Echo Shell - Targets an allied unit, dispelling negative buffs (normal dispel, not stuns) and applying an Echo Shell buff for 6 seconds. While the Echo Shell buff is active, it re-casts all targeted spells back at its caster. 17 Cooldown, 100 mana cost, 900 cast range
  • Note: This does not block the spell, it mirrors it back. Same targeting rules as Linken's Sphere
  • Note: Few spells doesn't get reflected. Will be fixed later.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Return works on wards
  • Fixed Nerubian Assassin can re-pickup Aghanim and gain Burrow again
  • Fixed Double hold break invisiblity (if Windwalk ordered right from Hold state)
  • Fixed Phase Boots and Double Hold preventing units from going invisible
  • Fixed Phase boots issues with Spirit Bear
  • Double hold now can be disabled
  • Fixed Roshan acting like mad under some conditions
  • Fixed Necronomicon level 1 and BKB (6) missing cooldown
  • Couriers can now use Healing salve and Clarity Potion
  • Fixed Chakra Magic level 3 being available too early
  • Fixed upgraded Walrus Punch malfunction
  • Fixed Scourge ancient camp size
  • Fixed upgraded Reincarnation selection after death and can't-learn-skills issue
  • Fixed Sleight of Fist various issues
  • Fixed Mud Golem's Shards issues with Dominate-like abilities
  • Fixed Cold Embrace and magic immune iteraction
  • Fixed Supernova didn't get destroyed when Phoenix dies due to Wraith mode
  • Fixed healing from enemy fountain
  • Fixed Guardian Greaves and Mango stops unit on activation
  • Fixed Untouchable slow being too low for first seconds
  • Fixed CM, Bristleback and Silencer's slows
  • Flamebreak now correctly dispells
  • Fixed Suicide Squad respawn time formula

  • Fixed Magic Wand and Solar Crest shop icon behaviour
  • Added visual for Spirit Bear's "Return to Lone Druid" ability
  • Fixed some visual effects missing on Zombie and Leoric
  • Fixed Quill spray damage shown on dead units
  • Fixed visuals for Nerubian Assassin
  • Fixed item's icons become green squares
  • Fixed Spin Web on minimap

  • Added Cooldown Reduction support for Nerubian Assassin's skills when Aghanim equipped, Keeper of the Light's Recall and Blinding Light, Doom's abilities, Shadow Fiend

DotA-Related bug fixes

  • If no mode entered -AP will be activated instead of Normal mode


  • Multiple Mjollnirs or Maelstroms now stack multiplicatively (like magic resist)
  • Mjollnir & Maelstrom's lightnings now can target magic immune, but still do not damage them
  • Fixed Shiva's visual effect mismatch real AoE and speed
  • Fixed Shiva's Arctic Blast damaging only units on edges, not it hit every unit in AoE even if edge went further
  • Fixed selling Aghanim didn't revert bonuses
  • Cleaned up Purge: now it dispells only positive effects from enemy target and only negative effects from ally, instead of both
  • Purge still clean all hardcoded debuffs (i.e. Hex) from everyone
  • Purge now dispell Dust debuff if casted by ally
  • BKB now dispell most stuff from caster


  • Disruption now creates illusions of invisible enemy units
  • Stone Gaze now increase only physical damage
  • Fixed Flaming Lasso dispelling didn't cancel dragging
  • Berserker's Call now works on units affected by Rhasta's Shackle
  • Double Edge now leaves Centaur with 1 hp instead of 7.5 hp
  • Fixed Chronospere doesn't counted as stun
  • Fixed Power Cogs and Vacuum didn't count as disable
  • Fixed Relocate can't be disabled by Cyclone or Pause
  • Fixed Open Wounds cannot be properly dispelled
  • Fixed Open Wounds malfunction when target invisible
  • Fixed Snowball and Rubick iteractions
  • Gush now damages on projectile hit
  • Fire Spirits now affects illusions and can be properly dispelled
  • Arctic Burn now affects illusions
  • Fixed Sadist didn't trigger on kills made by side units (like lightnings from Mjollnir)
  • Heartstopper aura kills no longer cause unit's aggro
  • Overwhelming odds no longer based on Bloodlust


  • Summon Familiars positioning improved
  • New effects: Mango, Wraiths from Leoric's Scepter, Guardian Angel, Goblin's Greed, Pulse Nova, Mom, Decay, Phase boots, Vacuum, BKB, BM, Wraith of Natures (Aghanim' spawned treants), Relocate, Unstable Current, Rubick with Blade fury
  • Updated icon for Assault Cuirass debuff

Thanks for everyone who reported these things

The End


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