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Added One Click Buy for most items and recipes

If shop's description mention 'Can be purchased by click', clicking this item will cause you to buy all it's components one by one. Note that only missing components are bought - everything your hero has, courier's items and up to 6 items on the ground at the fountain area are counted.

If recipe colored purple, you can buy it's missing components as well double-clicking at recipe. Same rules as for one-click-buy.

You can not buy items from Secret Shop this way.

Every supported item has info about it on recipe or at shop's description.
  • Perfomance improved
  • Updated experience system
  • Fixed denies gives normal expirience instead of halved
  • Hexed and hidden heroes now can receive experience
  • Fixed movement being screwed heavily on Wisp, Juggernaut and any other units
  • Autoattack switching available again
  • Alpha Wolf bonus damage aura now stacks with Command Aura
  • Pick and repick hero names are now consistent
  • Restored old Circles of power
  • Removed 'quote' chat command (useless and can be confusing)
  • Removed 'recreate' chat command (useless)
  • Removed -xl/-lm modes due to being outdated
  • Removed manapools from Moon wells
  • Fixed -lvlup grants 1 extralevel
  • Adjusted glow on some heroes
  • Adjusted armor sounds for some heroes
  • Some icons adjusted
  • More tooltip work



  • Fixed Borrow Time can be activated more than once


  • Ghost Ship debuff will no longer cause unit to lose HP if unit dies


  • Sharing Aghanim Scepter now transfer life and mana bonuses as well


  • Fixed Culling Blade didn't refresh on kills
  • Fixed Culling Blade bonuses overriding


  • Fixed Beastmaster's Hawk giving less experience


  • Primal Split elements no longer gives experience


  • Fixed issues with illusions Broodmother


  • Fixed issues with Searing Arrows when swapped

Dark Seer

  • Wall of replica no longer iteract with Linken's Sphere


  • Fixed Armlet abuse with Doom
  • Fixed Doom animation stays on hero after death

Drow Ranger

  • Gust now should properly be dispellable

Faceless Void

  • Fixed Time Walk can be abused to traver really far

Goblin Techies

  • Techies's mines, traps and remote mines now provides experience to enemy who destroys them
  • Added visual pre-effect for Remote mines blast
  • Fixed Minefield sign blocking neutral camps
  • Fixed Minefield sign facing angle

Goblin Shredder

  • Fixed Chakram Second cooldown being reduced only on first level


  • Fixed Homing Missile gives less experience


  • Alacrity can now be dispelled
  • Invoker's perfomance improved
  • Invoker's illusions now have spheres

Legion Commander

  • Moment of courage now uses only 1 buff


  • Added more visuals for Stone Gaze


  • Meepo plays animation when casting Poof


  • Heartstopper aura now counts for assists counter

Night Stalker

  • Darkness no longer reduce courier's vision


  • Pugna can no longer ethereal ward units except Nether ward and Tombstone


  • Purification no longer based on Frost armor


  • Phoenix can no longer launch fire spirits if Sun Ray activated and targeted area isn't on the Ray's direction or far away


  • Fixed Force of nature gives less experience


  • Fixed Rubick and Morphs issues with dummy abilities

Sand King

  • Cooldown reduce won't affect Sand Storm if Sand King still channeling it


  • Fixed Phase Shift and Primal Split issues with Last Word

Skeleton King

  • If hero survives anyhow after Wraith Form he will be killed anytime it's possible

Slithereen Guard

  • New visual for Amplify Damage


  • Fixed issues with Spectre's illusions


  • Fixed Spiritbreaker Empowering Haste activation bonuses

Stone Giant

  • Added animation for Grow learning

Tauren Chieftain

  • Chieftain's Ancestral Spirit no longer use Bloodlust

Templar Assassin

  • Templar Assassin's attribute bonus no longer has icon
  • Fixed Psionic Trap lack exp and gold bounty

Tormented Soul

  • Diabolic Edict will no longer waste on invulnerable targets


  • Fixed Tombstone gives less experience


  • Fixed Plague Wards gives less experience


  • Upheaval slow now works on invisible targets

Winter Wyvern

  • Cold Embrace now freeze target's animation


  • Overcharge bonus attack speed will no longer miss when morph


  • Fixed Lightning bolt on the ground may trigger unit's aggro
  • Fixed Lightning Bolt missing the sound
  • If Thundergod's Wrath doesn't hit unit due to invisibilty it still will produce sound and lightning effect



  • Fixed issues with Bloodstone's bonus experience when owner is dead


  • Couriers receive 50% more damage from melee attacks
  • Fixed Flying Couriers gives less experience

Force Staff

  • Fixed Force Staff didn't work on Homing missile

Linken's Sphere

  • Fixed Linken Sphere shared with illusions
  • Shrapnel no longer break Linken's Sphere

Lotus Orb

  • Lotus Orb now reflects item abilities as well

Monkey King Bar

  • Switching True Strike no longer interrupt unit and cooldown reduced


  • New icon for necronomicon archer
  • Fixed Necronomicon Warriors experience bounty

Thanks for everyone who reported these things

The End


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