Dota v 85 alpha 2 –°hangelog


  • Fixed Shared vision bug with some spells
  • Fixed player counting with -gg chat command being incorrect
  • Fixed bug when hero revives way too quickly if dies after buyback
  • Fixed Exp per minute value for heroes on 25 level
  • Fixed Borrowed time (passive part) and Berserker's Blood working on illusions
  • Fixed Gold for kills formula being slightly incorrect
  • Added resticted regions at fountain area to prevent stucking
  • Autoattack option removed due to inconsistent behaviour
  • Fixed dummy items trashing DotA Parser and replays with unneeded data
  • Fixed issue with WC3 version 1.24b


  • Fixed neutrals selection priority (units with active abilties now first in selection groups)
  • Ancient neutrals no longer sleep at night
  • Dark Troll Warlord attack range increased to 500
  • Dark Troll attack range increased to 500
  • Troll Berserker attack range increased to 500
  • Troll High Priest attack range increased to 600
  • Gnoll Assassin attack range increased to 500
  • Harpy Storm attack range increased to 450
  • Fixed various neutral bounties
  • Removed second attack index from Black Dragons and Roshan


Arc Warden

  • Tempest Double can no longer copy Couriers
  • Can no longer put items inside the Clone

Chaos Knight

  • Fixed Chaos Knight illusions never proc critical strike
  • Fixed Phantasm illusions split being too fast

Dark Seer

  • Fixes Surge level 3 had no CD or manacost


  • Doom can no longer target ancient units but Spirit Bear


  • Fixed Rocket Barrage deals no damage at level 1

Earth Spirit

  • Added "self" in Boulder smash allowed targets
  • Stone Remnants HP bar size reduced to minimum


  • Fixed Ghost Walk with Aghanim granted insane movespeed bonus


  • Fixed Liquid Fire affecting spell immune units but not Ancients


  • Fixed Aghanim didn't improved Chain Frost

Lone Druid

  • Fixed Spirit Bear illusions could trigger Entangle


  • Fixed Empower missing visuals

Nature's Prophet

  • Fixed Wrath of Nature didn't work when Ancient targeted
  • New model for Furion's Aghanim Mega Treants

Nerubian Assassin

  • Improved Burrow animation to show real position of the hero


  • Eye of the Storm can now attack Ziggurat and Moon Wells if nothing else nearby

Phantom Lancer

  • Rush starts cooling down when being activated instead of the finish


  • Rubick can no longer steal Burrow

Templar Assassin

  • Refraction now supports cooldown reduction

Treant Protector

  • Eye in the Forest HP bar size reduced to minimum


  • Fixed Ice Shards affecting every unit including non moveable


  • Fixed Shadow Word (on ally) counts as debuff and therefore cannot be dispelled by enemies

Witch Doctor

  • Fixed Death Ward lvl 2 with Aghanim had no attack
  • Death Ward HP bar size reduced to minimum


Black King Bar

  • Fixed BKB visuals could be dispelled
  • Multiple BKB activations (with Refresher f.i.) now update duration of iimunity

Lotus Orb

  • Fixed Lotus Orb and Linken iteraction on Chain Frost
  • Fixed Lotus'd Disruption always being level 1

Linken's Sphere

  • Fixed Dagon didn't dispell Linken's Sphere


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