Dota v 85e –°hangelog


  • Fixed Buyback wasting gold if no hero choosen
  • Hero no longer receives experience for a kill if dies first
  • Fixed megacreeps for Scourges had no max upgrades
  • Fixed Ping courier option shows point to all players instead of caster only
  • Fountain damage type changed from Chaos to Siege (25% less damage to heroes)
  • Towers no longer provides vision for 3 seconds after being destroyed
  • Fountain courier protection removed - any courier can now fly nearby enemy fountain as normal units
  • When tower being denied it's properly removed from Fog of War
  • Gust, Walrus Kick, Homing Missle, Fire spirits effect, Chilling Touch, Cold Feet, Shadow Word, Greater Bash, Deafening Blast, Tombstone Zombies, Decay, Ion Shell, Shackleshot, Fury Swipes, Phantom Rush, Mana Leak, Liquid Fire, Dream Coil, Electric Vortex, Torrent, Urn of Shadows (heal), Force Staff, Boots of travel (upg), Janggo of Endurance, Veil of Discord, Crimson Guard, Warcry, Battle Trance, Time Walk, Lightning Storm Slow, Tether Slow, Walrus Punch slow, Splinter Blast slow, Rolling Boulder slow no longer affect (being dispelled) heroes which dies while affected and reincarnates
  • Skewer, Dark Rift, Static Link, Scorched Earth, Flesh Golem, Fire Spirits, Tether, Icarus Dive, Pounce, Dark Pact, Ice Blast, Astral Imprisonment Int steal, Death Pact, Flaming Lasso, Flamebreak movement, Focus Fire, Powershot, Windrunner, Meld, Overpower, Ancestral Spirit, Ancestral Spirit bonuses, Phantom Rush, Fiery Soul, Bladefury, Battery Assault, Test of Faith (teleportation), Unstable Concoction, Soul Ring, now properly stops (being dispelled) if caster dies and reincarnates


  • Fixed Black Drakes sleeping at night
  • Fixed Golem Hatchlings gave double amount of experience
  • Forest Troll Priest no longer use it's cast point to heal allies, instead he attacks as other neutrals and heals allies passively. This is neutrals-only behaviour, if you manage to dominate this creature, it's healing ability will remain the same as before.



  • Fixed Ghost Ship Rum post-damage didn't dispells after reincarnating


  • Fixed Napalm increased damage onto illusions as for non-heroes
  • Fixed Napalm dind't provides bonus damage if initial damage has been caused by Urn/Radiance
  • Batrider should no longer stuck in the ground
  • Batrider's illusions no longer has flying movement


  • Wild Axes can now target anything, including cliffs and structures (doesn't damage structures, only allows to target them)


  • Fixed Spiderites didn't being hidden by Spin Web
  • Fixed Spawn Spiderlings could be learned earlier than usual

Chaos Knight

  • Fixed Chaos Knight Phantasm had incorrect cooldown in the table if bonus illusion appears
  • Fixed Phantasm casts way too fast when additional illusion appears


  • Improved Chen's creep filter and counting
  • Holy Persuation now kills oldest controlled unit instead of random
  • Test of Faith (self) now calls all non-hero non-marked Chen-owned units (check possible abuses)


  • Fixed Death Pact incorrect effects when used while previous buff still exists

Dark Seer

  • Vacuum now makes it's victim pathless allowing to pull them closer than usual
  • Fixed Vacuum didn't deal damage if enemy dispells it


  • Shadow Wave can now target magic immune allies

Drow Ranger

  • Fixed Gust knockback not being counted as disable
  • Fixed Gust effect could stay even if purged


  • Earthshaker got new fun name - Moonshaker
  • Echo Slam initial damage type changed from universal to magic
  • Echo Slam initial damage now moves at high speed (instead of being slow waves)

Earth Spirit

  • Rolling Boulder now has less AoE at the start so it won't hit enemies behind you

Ember Spirit

  • Fixed Sleight of Fist jumping onto dead targets


  • Fixed Golem Hatchlings being too powerful for Demonic Conversion


  • Added debuff icon for Burning Spears


  • Fixed Invoker's issue with spell swapping
  • Forge Spirits with Aghanim now receive bonus damage, armor and manapool (still no bonus attack range)
  • Fixed Deafening Blast had reverted rules for Aghanim bonuses (more damage for non-aghanim)
  • Tornado's duration now ends up with 2.6/2.9 (quas 7-8) instead of 2.5
  • Deafening Blast now stuns enemies while moving them


  • Ice Path now can be used onto cliffs (targetability changed, not effect)

Keeper of the Light

  • Fixed Recall and Blinding Light could stay with Kotl if cooldown manipulation involved
  • Improved Spirit Form tooltip


  • Chain Frost initial stun duration from 0.01 to 0.1


  • Infestation no longer iteracts with the target on selection if infested unit being selected by owner and Lifestealer has shared control with him


  • Light Strike Array recoded and no longer affects ground
  • Dragon Slave recoded and no longer affects ground

Lone Druid

  • Spirit Bear can now use Armlet, Helm of the Dominator and Shiva's Guard
  • Fixed Spirit Bear Return had no cooldown
  • Fixed leveling Spirit Bear returns him to Lone Druid


  • Fixed Meepo respawns without clones if clone has been killed
  • Fixed Meepo doesn't benefit from Bloodstone's charges
  • Fixed Meepo doesn't provides AoE heal from Bloodstone if clone killed


  • False Promise now has icon buff

Phantom Lancer

  • Removed extra visual indicator from Doppelganger's illusion with damage (it doesn't really affect anything, making fat illusion more obvious)
  • Illusion summoned by Spirit Lance no longer being added to control group even with -es


  • Meat hook can now target ancients but won't affect them anyway


  • Fixed Nether Blast sometimes didn't work


  • Fixed Blink Strike could ignore some "On spell effect" events
  • Blink Strike should now properly iteracts with Linken's Sphere

Shadow Fiend

  • Shadow Fiend no longer has backswing on spell casting

Skeleton King

  • Fixed Skeleton King model size became smaller on respawn
  • Reincarnation now supports Octarine cooldown reduction


  • Essence Shift now resets if Slark or enemy hero reincarnating


  • Haunt illusions no longer adds to selection
  • Fixed Desolate malfunction on illusions


  • Fixed activating Empowering Haste affects charge of darkness


  • Fixed Land Mine sometimes triggers way too early dealing no damage (counted as destroyed)
  • Remote Mines now added to current control group when placed


  • March of Machines now starts from the cast point instead of the Tinker
  • March of Machines no longer changes it's cast angle if target point unpathable


  • Toss no longer has restriction regarding toss targeting (can now toss onto controlled units)
  • Fixed Toss affects units fly height


  • Snowball trees destroy AoE reduced from 300 to 200


  • Multi-targeted attacks (Flak Cannon, Split shot, Moon Glaive) now properly destroys Tombstone's summons


  • The Swarm no longer continues if the target dies having reincarnating


  • Fixed Windrun evasion disappears when Focus Fire being used

Winter Wyvern

  • Fixed Splinter Blast slow being removed on morph


  • Wisp attack projectile speed from 1600 to 1200 (Dota2)
  • Relocate and Spirits now stops if Wisp dies even if he has reincarnation-like abilities

Witch Doctor

  • Maledict now has buff icon
  • Maledict now dispells if target starts reincarnating
  • Maledict now affects illusions
  • Death Ward now provides only 5 seconds vision over the area around point of summoning instead of 10s



  • Fixed solar crest, medaillion, urn of Shadows, lotus orb, glimmer, shadow amulet, halberd, rod of atos, Force staff, mjollnir cannot target illusions

Armlet of Mordiggian

  • Armlet no longer drains life from invulnerable units

Blink Dagger

  • Dagger now requires 2+ damage to become disabled instead of 0+

Boots of Travel

  • Boots of Travel color now applied to teleportation as Scroll of teleportation


  • Couriers turn rate changed to maximum
  • Couriers no longer receive bonus damage from meele non-hero attacks
  • Land couriers model size increased

Crimson Guard

  • Fixed Crimson Guard protection stays if target dies and reincarnating

Dust of appearance

  • Fixed Dust of appearance had incorrect tooltip cd


  • Fixed Gem (courier) didn't being changed to normal version when given to the hero if it wasn't original owner of the Gem

Linken's Sphere

  • Linken's Sphere can now target illusions to provides it with fake buff

Magic Wand

  • Fixed Magic Wand cooldown 17 -> 13

Medallion of Courage

  • Medallion of Courage and Solar Crest no longer iteracts with Linken' Sphere

Nathrazim Buckler

  • Buckler's active part AoE increased from 750 to 900


  • Fixed Necronomicon's Last will being outdated (6.82: Changed damage type from Pure to Magical, Increased damage from 400/500/600 to 550/675/800)

Solar Crest

  • Medallion of Courage and Solar Crest no longer iteracts with Linken' Sphere


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