E1. VIP Pass

VIP Pass - special offer for the most active supporters. Using it, your chat messages become golden, clearly visible to everyone. 

Also, your Circle of power is slightly modified visually:

Golden announce on the game start:


If you have more than half of total count of skins (need 40 and above as for v6.90, 50 for 7.01+), you also become Super VIP. This only works since 6.90 map version.

Super VIP uses different Circle of power model and custom chat color (by default - golden):


Chat color can be changed inside DotA Config file. It's located at [HEROSETS] section and names 

  • CustomChatMessagesColor=FF00FF

To select the color use any online color picker

Since version 7.01, you should setup your SUPERVIP color in the F9 menu ingame 


More attached features possible in the future.

  • Cost: $100. All donations counts, which means one person can obtain multiple hero sets worthy $100 and get VIP pass for free. You will not get any more bonuses (skins) for getting VIP than the VIP status.
  • Works on: any hero
  • Duration: forever
  • Available since: DotA v6.88w9, LoD v6.85p7.1




Donate via StreamLabs

Are you from Peru? Contact BCP agent (Agente BCP) LviSo via Facebook or WhatsApp (+519) 83493728.


Frequently Asked Questions about bonuses

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