Features: gameplay

Map's landscape properly updated

The terrain now completely matches DotA 2's terrain. Getting stuck or not being able to use common paths from DotA2 should be a thing of the past.

Powered Circles of Power

Circle of power now automatically selects when you die. This allows you to buyback faster. And that's only one of the many improvements:

  • Circle of power now grants access to various settings:
  1. Camera setup configuration;
  2. Direct items selling from it's inventory;
  3. Toggling "right click deny" option;
  4. Option to share your draft on the "Single Draft" mode with allies;
  5. Option "Wheres courier" which displays the courier's location or the location where it has been killed.
  • Additional info is now displayed above the Circle of Power:
  1. Net worth (the sum of current gold and items worth in your inventory). The Numbers become red if the player cannot afford buyback.
  2. Courier respawn timer.

No lags or delay

  • Improved gameflow perfomance.
  • Reworked most abilities or effects which normally caused a drop in performance
  • Every Warcraft 3 map has "Random delay" option, which randomly delays every given attack order by 0-0.25 seconds. Originally DotA didn't change it, but we did. Every given command now perfomes as fast as possible.

Testing: Made easier

  • We introduced many new chat commands which allows you to test everything by yourself, in single player.
  • All damage instances are now displayed with float numbers to precisely test for number errors.
  • If you're playing Single Player, you're automatically granted access to the Secret Shop and Flying Courier recipe.

Even more statistics!

Observers now have the access to additional data (these fields are also available at the final game table):

  1. Gold and Exp per minute metrics (GPM & XPM);
  2. Total damage done to the heroes and towers;
  3. Detailed info about multikills, including Ultra kills and Rampages;
  4. Final table now displays net worth instead of final gold.

Observers can now see the gold amount player earned for killing the creeps.

Visual improvements

  • Everybody can now adjust camera height however he wants to, without being forced to use third-party tools.
  • Improved visual effects of many abilities, including Amplify Damage, Death Pact, Eclipse, Frozen Sigil, Power cogs, Shukuchi, Skeleton Walk, Tombstone, Trueshot, Blademail, Glimmer Cape, Guardian Greaves, Janggo, Solar Crest.
  • Many icons are also replaced, including Death Pact, Doom, Global Silence, Guardian Greaves, Hook, Moonshard, Octarine Core, Poison Attack, Psi Blades, Requiem of Souls, Skeleton walk, Solar Crest, Spin Web, Moon Shard.
  • Added visual effects for runes, some Aghanim Scepters, Corrosive Breath, Stone Gaze, X Marks the Spot, Moonlight Shadow & Shallow Grave (last two are only visible to allies).

Modes and commands

  • Modes -xl/-lm have been deleted (outdated).
  • Easy Mode no longer affects the game in any fashion.
  • WTF now supports charged abilities.
  • Normal Mode (default mode if blue does not select any mode) has been deleted and replaced with -AP mode.
  • Removed commands "recreate" & "quote" (useless).
  • Added -cam chat option, allowing players to manipulate the camera's height.
  • ESC button can now be used as an alias for the -clear chat command.
  • Added chat command -names, which changes all players nicknames. 3 types supported for now:
    • Type 0: No changes.
    • Type 1: Players have their player number instead of their nickname (1-5, 7-11).
    • Type 2: Players are called by their hero names (Centaur, Storm, ...)
    • Using -names without any parameters switches the state to the next option.
    • Using -names 0/1/2 directly switches to the desired option.
  • Added chat command -gg.
    • It can be used in order to fast finish the game you won't win anyway. (also known as forfeit or concede)
    • Since you've voted, you cannot change your mind for another 60 seconds.
    • Once whole team called -gg, the main structure will be destroyed in the next few seconds.
    • Command -gg is only available after 15 minutes.
    • Using -switch nullifies a player's vote.
    • Leavers are automatically counted as forfeited players.



  • Fountains are now invincible.
  • Fountain zone now provides healing as soon as unit enters it, without any kind of delay.

Glyph of Fortification

  • Activating Glyph now displays a message to your team.
  • Glyph of Fortification no longer lets any damage through.


  • Sentinel's towers now have proper sight angle.
  • Every secondary buildings placed on the base (Ziggurats and Moon wells and others) are now exactly the same.
  • First towers are now vulnerable from the start of the game.


Phase Boots

No longer causes critical strike and bashes to malfunction. Be aware that red numbers with critical strike damage could be lower than usual, but they deal normal amount of damage.


Bottle recharging now happens  3 times faster than before. Runes are now placed into the bottle automatically on pickup. Using a stored rune no longer interrupts the hero. You can also share a bottle charge with an ally, by dropping the Bottle directly on him. He will be healed and the Bottle will be returned automatically. Be aware that he needs at least 1 empty item slot in order for this to work.

Smart courier

You no longer need to drop items on the ground to get proper item combination. Courier will combine every possible thing you could achieve with given items. Just press "Deliver" and enjoy - this even works with full inventory!

Every item is now droppable

Using items no longer causes them to be stuck on the hero while they're on cooldown. You can now freely change position of your Dagger or Boots of Travel, or any other items. Reduced the amount of undroppable Aghanims. The few items which still immovable can be swapped with a new command -swapitem (or -si).

Easy disassembling

You can disassemble any item which states that it is disassemblable in the description within your inventory. Do it with 4 right clicks over the item. Free inventory slots are required for this to work. Be aware that Tranquil Boots can only be disassembled on the Circle of Power.

Full price selling

Last bought item could be sold back for 100% of it's price. This doesn't work for items which has been completed or could be consumed. Doesn't work for Ring of Health as well. You have 10 seconds to sell the item.

Fast buy

You can now buy the entire item by just clicking on it's icon in the shop, if you have the gold. If the item has a recipe you need to click twice on the bought recipe in your inventory. Recipes that can be doubleclicked to buy the components now have a purple tint in your inventory. The game checks for every item held by you, your courier and items which lay on the ground in the fountain area.


Rubick, son of Aghanim

Rubick can now steal Morph, Shapeshift, Chemical Rage, Firefly & Elder Dragon Form. Moreover, he's also able to steal Spirits, Trueshot Aura & Refraction. We want him to be able to steal whatever he wants - just like in DotA2.


Morph now activates the autocast when you press the hotkey, it no longer uses it just once.


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Open for suggestions

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Please do discuss and debate with us over any aspect of the map!

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