Test commands

DotA never had any decent testing and debugging possibilities. Test commands in IceFrog's old maps were too basic and couldn't cover every possible testing scenario (that's why DotA test mode even appeared). It turned testing to the next level, where you were able to check literally everything on your own, without asking someone else to test something in 1v1 with you, or having to rely on for third-party tools.
Now, in DotA Allstars, everything and more has been ported from DotA test mode map. Some commands weren't ported due to their negliglible value - you can simulate all of them freely anyway, using other commands.
  • These commands are only available at single player, like Secret Shop at the base. You cannot use them at local lobbies.
  • If the command operates with unit, it's always the selected unit(s), except stated otherwise.
  • Object IDs can be found in game files and are required only for professional bugtesters.
Command Effect Example
-nhl Alias for -noherolimit. Heroes stay available after pick. In Single Player active by default (taverns always available). -
-r Refreshes selected unit(s), restoring their HP/MP and resetting cooldowns -
-sc Spawn creeps (alias for -spawncreeps) -
-b Adds "Blink" ability to selected unit(s). This is global cast range blink with no cooldown or manacost. -
-xy Shows coordinates of selected unit(s) -
-sxy X Y Set selected unit(s) position to X/Y -sxy 0 0
Result: unit will appear at center of the map
-ep STRING Spawns special effect STRING on position of selected unit(s) -ep war3mapImported\Orchid.mdx
-et POINT STRING Spawns special effect STRING on POINT bone of selected unit(s) -et overhead war3mapImported\Orchid.mdx
-tint R G B A Set selected unit(s) color schema to R G B A values -tint 255 0 0 255
-tint 100 100 255 100
-gi Get selected unit(s)'s ID -
-remove Completely removes selected unit(s) from game. May cause malfunction of some triggers, do not use it unless you know what are you doing. -
-control Shares all player's control with Blue player -
-c Shares all player's control with Blue player. Alias for -control. -
-hp X Set selected unit(s)'s hit points to X. Can't increase maximum hitpoint amount. -
-mp X Set selected unit(s)'s mana points to X. Can't increase maximum mana amount. -
-anim X Make selected unit(s) play animation X. If number specified, plays animation by it's number. -anim move
-anim 4
-setms X Set selected unit(s)'s movespeed to X -setms 500
-o X Set selected unit(s)'s ownership to player X (0-15) -o 1
-ai X Adds item by ID to selected unit(s). ID's can be found at game files. Before 6.84B5 spawned item has no owner, so it's muted for everyone. Use -pm mode to unlock them. -ai I0A3
Result: adds Buriza to selected unit(s)
-ha X Makes ability X hidden for player who owns selected unit(s). ID's can be found at game files. -ha A00H
Result: Rhasta's ultimate unavailable.
-aa X Adds ability X to selected unit(s). ID's can be found at game files. -aa A00S
Result: Adds Hoof stomp
-sa X Y Set ability X's level to Y, if selected unit(s) has this ability. ID's can be found at game files. -sa A00S 3
Result: Hoof stomp now level 3
-ra X Remove ability X from selected unit(s). ID's can be found at game files. -ra A00S
Result: Removes Hoof stomp
-gt X Check if unit has "unit type X" classification by number. Uses ConvertUnitType() native. -gt 1
-gt 2
-au X Spawns unit with ID=X at center of the map. Spawned unit always belong to yellow player. ID's can be found at game files. -au H00S
Result: spawns Storm
-gn X Shows name of object with ID=X. ID's can be found at game files. -gn H00S
-d X Creates X Centaurs for Pink player. If no number specified creates a single unit. -d 3
Creates 3 Centaurs
-k Kills selected unit(s) -
-scale # Set selected unit(s)' model scale to # multiplier (1 - normal) -scale 1.5
-ts # Set selected unit(s)' animation speed to # (1 - normal) -ts 1.5
-fog Alias for "iseedeadpeople" cheat (doesn't work in online games) -
-g Alias for "-gold 999999" -


DotA v6.83d Test Mode (IceFrog' version)

This old map by IceFrog contains way fewer commands - only the basics.


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