How to play newest maps in local network or newer WC3 version

DotA Allstars 6.88 can be launched on Warcraft 3 version 1.26 ONLY. Any other patch won't work, game will end up crashing.

File size of DotA Allstars 6.88 is bigger than 8 MB, which makes it's impossible to host over the LAN or any game server without special patch. Starting from version 6.88v4 you can follow these steps:

  1. Launch WC3;
  2. Run the map via single player once;
  3. You will see the message telling you that map size limit has been removed and it's possible now to play on LAN;
  4. Go to LAN, host or join to any lobby.

You only need to do that once per WC3 launch. Every player has to do so to be able to join or host a game. Spread the info amongst other players if they don't know it yet.



In other case, as well for older versions, you have to provide all the players with patched "game.dll" file. That's main file of the Warcraft 3, which provides file size measurments. Replace default file, located at the game's folder, with patched. Download it from our site: . 

Once downloaded, close Wacraft 3 (if running), extract the file, replace default "game.dll", done. Probably you'd like to backup original file, just in case.


All players have to have patched Game.dll file. It could be counted as a cheat by some anti-cheats, so don't use this in case if you're playing on some server with antihack protection, else you'll end up banned, unless told otherwise.


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