DotA Allstars v6.88n-z beta-series changelog

Changes made in Beta-maps are totally unordered and could miss small things or stuff normal players aren't interested in (optimization, etc).


  • Fixed bug when Aghanim Scepter obtained before learning Enchant Totem
  • Fixed Earthshaker wasn't fully disabled while jumping
  • Fixed Enchant Totem missing visual indicator
  • Fixed combined Obs & Sentry wards could disappear
  • Fixed wards couldn't be shared with invulnerable allies
  • Fixed Ice blast malfunctioning near map's edge
  • Meat hook no longer stuns Pudge, but enroot him to keep in place
  • Fixed some non-usable spells displaying improper cooldown info (Aghanim Starfall, etc)

88q b5

  • Fixed stolen Chronosphere affecting Rubick
  • Fixed Chronosphere didn't allow caster's unit to act inside of it
  • Fixed hidden heroes couldn't charge their Urn of Shadows
  • Added Earthshaker's Aghanim effect to Enchant Totem (DotA2 preview)

88q b4

  • Fixed incorrect Duel (agh) effect duration 
  • Fixed Duel (Agh) didn't prevent damage from controlled units, now it properly ignores rest units
  • Fixed Ball Lightning base manacost wasn't affected by Arcane Rune
  • Fixed Tornado (Wildkin) damage effect didn't stack with itself
  • Fixed Berserker's Call causes enemy to keep attacking even if he is stunned
  • Fixed Dragon Tail could disappear under some circumstances

88q 2-3

  • Minor adjustments regarding inner code


  • Fixed couple of descriptions
  • Fixed missing Godlike sound
  • Basic shops moved back to 85 positions
  • Dark Rift can now target Pit Lord's units
  • Removed part of the features in order to improve stability


  • Fixed toggling wards counted as spell cast
  • Enabled back manabars and custom HP bars
  • Fixed Time walk changing Void's tint color
  • Fixed Hand of God fully healing creeps (6.87 change)
  • Fixed Primal Split tooltip
  • Fixed issues with Primal Split and droppable items
  • Ball Lightning will no longer get disabled on low mana


  • Release candidate. Internal changes only.

88n b15

  • Fixed Sand Storm having incorrect duration
  • Fixed repicking hero didn't move camera to the taverns
  • Fixed missing Roshan minimap icon
  • Fixed various visual issues caused by last 2 releases
  • Shops slightly rolled back to support muscle memory for Armlet/Manta style/Pipe
  • Added chat command -hud which enables experimental HUD with hero icons
  • Disabled HP/manabars extention for a while

88n b14

  • Fixed black mask covering map from the start
  • Improved lag at the very start
  • Fixed Toss dealing halved damage onto structures
  • Fixed couple of typos
  • Fixed hero statues on CM starting to move to the middle
  • Added visual effect for Culling blade, Sunstrike & Xin's Rapiers
  • Added -omm "(OldMiniMap)" chat command to disable new style of minimap coloring

88n b13

  • Fixed fatal error related to Pit Lord
  • Fixed possible issue with Trueshot
  • Fixed MKB bash penetrated spell immunity
  • Rearm can no longer be used again while already channeling
  • Major lag right after game started is normal behaviour, be patient.

88n b12

  • Fixed crash on early game in b11

88n b11

  • Fixed courier didn't allowed to double click recipes of Bloodthorn, Iron Talon & Hurricane Pike
  • Fixed Primal Split still didn't provide Gem of true sight
  • Reduced chance of doubled hero on randoming
  • Hotkey settings inside the config now support F1-F9 (you can type them, instead of key codes), and "Space". Type it in like that:
  • SkillSlot1=space

88n b10

  • Fixed random issues (disappearing heroes) when Phoenix ingame
  • Fixed "can't move" issue when unit dies while hidden by Astral Imprisonment or Disruption
  • Fixed bug with Berserker's Call, when unit dies affected and revive/buyback very fast without command panel
  • Fixed fatal error when Kunkka or Doom has been picked
  • Fixed Rax destroying only upgrade creeps once and never more
  • Fixed Right click deny affecting all target orders instead of right click only
  • Added prefixes to Super & Mega creep's names
  • Fixed Arcane Rune had almost 0% chance to spawn
  • Fixed Gem of Truesight dropping off when Primal Split ends
  • Fixed Gem of Truesight malfunctioning while Primal Split lasts
  • Fixed Blackhole disable didn't affect non-heroes
  • Fountain's attacks now properly counted as damage for Bristleback
  • Fixed Bristleback (ability) being broken
  • Fixed Bloodthorn's active didn't provide critical strike to AI vs AI unit attacks
  • Improved Chronosphere and Magnetic Field area selection cursor to fit it's AoE
  • Added Eclipse (agh) to double click support
  • Fixed Sun Ray being visible in fog of war
  • Fixed Nature's Guise issues with detecting attack
  • Fixed Primal Split spirits didn't get autoselected
  • Fixed Courier could use any given item
  • Fixed Courier's Drop all items button dropping items to the circle of the courier's owner insted of item's owner

88n b9

  • Fixed experience reward for herokills being too high
  • Fixed issues with player's team detection on SP/RS and other modes with shuffling
  • Fixed cleave affecting enemies when attacking structures or wards
  • Fixed heroes could receive some experience while being dead
  • Fixed "target out of range" error while Ball Lightning'ing
  • Fixed Sanity's Eclipse ignoring Astral Imprisoned enemies
  • Fixed Concussive shot malfunction
  • Fixed gold penalty for swapping on non-AP modes
  • Fixed Chilling Touch had 6x shorter duration than intended
  • Added custom models for Aegis and Cheese
  • Ember Spirit can now use Fire Remnant and pass to Fire remnant while Sleight of Fist is active
  • Fixed missing visuals from Troll's Blind
  • Bristleback's passive now works on illusions too
  • Fixed Eye of the Storm malfunctioning
  • Winter's Curse primary disable can no longer be dispelled
  • Icarus Dive now immediately breaks Pounce's leash
  • Fixed Supernova didn't remove Iceblast debuff
  • Fixed Ember's Spirit death animation
  • Ice Shard's chance to block a target completely with just one hero has been reduced
  • Fixed Fire Lasso sometimes failing to keep it's target
  • Assimilate now properly stops the target, preventing it's from channeling anything
  • Fixed Ghost Scepter didn't provide Ethereal state if used shortly afer being dispelled
  • Fixed Tidebringer had no cooldown under some circumstances
  • Fixed Tidebringer couldn't target spell immune enemies
  • Fixed Tidebringer cooldown starts when it wasn't supposed to proc at all
  • Fixed Blink dagger had 5% bigger penalty than intended
  • Fixed Dagger kept it's cooldown from attacks even if Rearmed
  • Added custom icon for Skeleton King and disabled Vampiric Aura
  • New visual effects for Black Hole damage, Bloodlust, Repel, Xin's abilities


88n b8

  • Fixed desync
  • Temporary disable Gem visuals overhead the carrier
  • Fixed Echo Sabre slow affecting non-ogranic targets for the first attack
  • Battery Assault, Chain Frost now properly affects fogged enemies
  • Haunt now properly creates illusion if enemy is hidden
  • Fixed Finger of Death failing to deal AoE damage in some cases
  • Fixed Macropyre had no cooldown if Liquid fire has been learned prior to it
  • Maledict can now affect creep-heroes except Familiars
  • Fixed Chilling Touch had no duration limit
  • Fixed Astral Imprisonment failed to hold down creeps
  • Added status buff icon for Rage, Static Link
  • Fixed Puck visual representation when Phase Shifting under Invisibility effects
  • New visual effect for Hand of Midas
  • Rubick's stolen spell now always get into proper slot on the panel
  • Added visual cooldown indicator on Jinada and Greater Bash
  • Fixed Torrent tooltip with incorrect manacost

88n b7

  • Fixed fatal error introduced in b6
  • Fixed desync caused by Mortred
  • Fixed courier didn't combine items if alternative version of item has been used (f.i. Ring of Basilius (Hero) didn't get into Vladmir's recipe)
  • Fixed Overgrow didn't affect fogged enemies
  • Fixed various issues when illusions couldn't be stunned
  • Fixed Ice Shards targeting - now its the same as Dota2, means you point the target which have to be surrounded by shards, instead of position of the shard wall

88n b6

  • Fixed Waveform had no manacost on lvl 2-3
  • Fixed wave-based spells had lower effective AoE than supposed to
  • Slightly increased sentinel's creeps model size
  • Fixed Butterfly's Flutter disabled evasion lasts 6 seconds instead of 4
  • Fixed Lense didn't improve Impale for Lion
  • Enabled alt-clicking notify on runes
  • Techies removed for ceremonial procedures
  • Fixed wards duration animation being incorrect
  • Fixed Astral Imprisonment affecting targets it shounldn't affect

    88n b5:

  • Fixed malfunction of miss mechanic
  • Fixed malfunction of time-travel mechanics (Time lapse)
  • Fixed missing streaks names
  • Fixed shared Tango had disabled icon
  • Fixed shared Tango owner description
  • Improved Deafening Blast knockback smoothness
  • Fixed Winter's Curse had lower duration than intended
  • Fixed missing Winter's Curse animations
  • Fixed inventory didn't get muted if hero has been taunted
  • Fixed holded keys weren't detected on specific hardware
  • X mark the Spot trail is now rendered only if you have vision over the target
  • Fixed Fire Spirits interrupting Icarus' Dive
  • Recoded Nature's Guise: attacking or casting while still in fade time won't remove spell effect
  • Fixed Strygwyr's Thirst buggy bonus calculation
  • Fixed Starfall (agh) procing even while Potm is dead
  • Side Gunner can now proc even if Gyro is on fading time of invisibility
  • Fixed Arcane Boots didn't grant mana to ancients
  • Removed ItemDrop mode
  • Fixed various positive AoE-targetable spells didn't affect hidden heroes (Puck or Riki)
  • Minor fixes to landscape
  • Unstable concoction blow no longer affects non-hero enemies (creep-heroes are still affected)
  • Fixed Tether slow affected spell immune enemies
  • Improved Tether lightning visuals
  • Tether's slow, Finger of Death, Decay can now affect ancients
  • Ensnare no longer interrupts Icarus Dive
  • Fixed splells with autocast have never been buffed by Lense or reflected by Lotus Orb
  • Warcry now affects allied ancients
  • Fixed Shiva's Blast affecting spell immune enemies
  • Couriers fountain standpoint moved further to the exit point
  • Added chat command -nospace to disable camera jumping on Space key
  • Added chat command -nowheel to disable camera moving on mouse wheel

    88n b4:

  • Fixed various bugs when items couldn't be used properly (includes all the cases of misbehavior (malfunction, very close cast range, affecting incorrect targets, etc))
  • Fixed issues with inventory when you die under any "force to" effects (Berserker's Call, Winter's Curse, etc)
  • Fixed FX of Zeus' ulty affected dead heroes
  • Fixed Pugna's Blast had doubled damage delay
  • Fixed Spawn Spiderites, Track, Omnislash, Void, Shackles, Fatal Bonds, Impale,  penetrating Linken's Sphere
  • Fixed Linken's Sphere malfunctioning in some cases
  • Fixed Wrath of Nature being blocked by Linken's Sphere but didn't remove spell block buff
  • Aghanim's Starfall now activates even if Potm is fading out (not invisible yet) instead of only working if Potm has no invisibility source whatsoever
  • Liquid Fire now has 600 cast range and unaffected by any attack range bonuses
  • Waveform no longer has restrictions at targeting onto unpathable terrain
  • Increased Torrent pre-hit visual
  • Fixed buyback had no cooldown
  • Muted items are now darkened, as before

88n b1-3:

  • mostly inner changes, nothing specific, trying to narrow down fatal errors


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